Echo Summit Stores and Gas Stations

The Best Shopping and Where to Find Gas

Stores and Gas Stations

Fill up on gas in Pollock Pines or Meyers. There are no gas stations in the Crystal Basin. There are several mini-markets and shops with supplies here and there, but once again, few commercial establishments are found along the highway.

Shopping in Pollock Pines

CVS Pharmacy

16450 Pony Express Trail, Pollock Pines   (530) 647-0216

Safeway and US Bank

6498 Pony Express Trail, Pollock Pines   (530) 647-7440

Knotty Pines Bowling Lanes

2667 Sanders Drive, Pollock Pines   (530) 644-5414   Knotty Pines Lanes

Pony Express Market

6151 Pony Express Trail #10, Pollock Pines   (530) 644-7500


Kyburz Garage and Mini-mart,  CA


Kyburz Garage and Mini-Mart

13686 Highway 50, Kyburz   (530) 293-3232
Post Office 13672 Highway 50, Kyburz


Strawberry Market and Deli, Highway 50,  CA


Strawberry Market & Deli

17481 Highway 50, Twin Bridges   (530) 659-0744


Echo Summit

Echo Chalet

9900 Echo Lake Road, Echo Summit, CA 95721
(530) 659-7207 (8 AM - 6 PM, summers only)
Echo Chalet
Store with basic groceries, sporting goods, and hardware supplies; post office

Photo of Sierra at Tahoe Ski Area, Eldorado National Forest, CA

Sierra at Tahoe's Sierra Mt. Sports

Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort, open winter and spring only
(530) 659-7453 ext. 231
Sierra Mt. Sports
Skis, snowboards, winter apparel, accessories



Las Lomas Market

2287 Wasabe Drive, South Lake Tahoe   (209) 753-2842

Liras Supermarket

2977 Highway 50, South Lake Tahoe   (530) 577-5399   Lira's Supermarket