Echo Summit Current Conditions

Road Closures, Campgrounds, Snow Reports, Weather

Weather Report

Current Conditions in Strawberry

Strawberry is at an elevation of 5,750 feet and is 8 miles west of Echo Summit.

While the Crystal Basin is at a similar elevation, because it is farther west, it sometimes has quite different weather from high on the pass. A good source of weather conditions in the Crystal Basin is the Eldorado National Forest - (530) 644-6048.

For more information about the weather higher on the pass during the winter, check Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort's: Sierra at Tahoe SNOW REPORT

Highway 50 Road Conditions

Highway 50 over Echo Summit is open year-round except when particularly severe weather or unusual road work closes the road temporarily. In years past landslides have cut off the highway along the American River canyon or avalanches have closed the road on the steep eastern slope, but those are rare occurences. Usually any closures are short.

The best source for up-to-date information on Highway 50 is the CalTrans Division of Highway Operations:
CalTrans Road Information
or check
Department of Transportation - Road Conditions.

Requirement One (R1): Chains or snow tread tires required. Snow tires must have a tread depth of 6/32" with a "M & S" imprint on the tire's sidewall.
Requirement Two (R2): Chains required on all vehicles except four-wheel drives or all-wheel drives with snow tread tires on all four wheels. (NOTE: four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles must carry traction devices in chain control areas)
Requirement Three (R3): Chains are required on all vehicles, no exceptions.


National Forest Campgrounds and Roads
Open or Closed?

Many renovations are taking place in the Crystal Basin through 2020. Check Eldorado National Forest's Recreation Facility Renovations Schedule.

Eldorado National Forest website lists these campgrounds are OPEN as of June 29, 2020

With many campgrounds across the state opening soon, many Eldorado National Forest campgrounds may also open. Check their website for the most current information: Eldorado National Forest Campground Status.

  • Azalea Cove Campground
  • Camino Cove Campground
  • Fashoda Campground
  • Gerle Creek Campground
  • Ice House Campground
  • Jones Fork Campground
  • Lone Rock Campground
  • Loon Lake Campground
  • Lovers Leap Campground
  • Northwind Campground
  • Northshore Campground
  • Sand Flat Campground
  • Silver Fork Camground
  • Strawberry Point Campground
  • Sunset Campground
  • Wench Creek Campground
  • Wolf Creek Campground
  • Wrights Lake Campground
  • Yellowjacket Campground

CLOSED as of June 29, 2020

  • Airport Flat Campground
  • Big Silver Group Campground
  • Capps Crossing Group Campground
  • Loon Lake Group Campground
  • Pleasant Campground
  • Red Fir Group Campground
  • Southfork Group Campground
  • Wench Creek Group Campground
  • Wentworth Springs Campground
  • West Point Campground

For the most current status of campgrounds in the Eldorado National Forest, see
Eldorado National Forest Campgrounds.

Eldorado National Forest Roads

For information about roads in the Eldorado National Forest (including the Mormon Emigrant Trail Road), check their information at Eldorado National Forest Roads.